Poricy Park Conservancy is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization. Donations are tax deductible.

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Event Refund Policy
Poricy Park Conservancy (PPC) makes every effort to ensure that events take place as advertised. However, PPC reserves the right to cancel programs that fail to meet minimum enrollment requirements or due to weather conditions.
If we must cancel an event, a refund will be issued (terms on conditions apply, depending on the event). If you are unable to attend an event, or you are a "no-show," no refund will be given.

Thank you to our 2015 Colonial Christmas Sponsors!
J. Crawford Compton Inc.
Belford, NJ   

American Chestnut Saplings

On Thursday, April 9, 2015 at 2pm Poricy Park volunteers planted two American Chestnut saplings at the Park. The American Chestnut was prominent until the early 1900’s at which time chestnut blight was unintentionally brought to North America and destroyed most of the mature American chestnut trees within 40 years. Poricy Park is fortunate to receive and care for two saplings and will use the opportunity to share with all of the visitors the beauty, history, and value of this majestic species! The saplings are donated and grown by Tony Rosati, a local resident who raises chestnuts to be planted in the area. Tony is trying to revive the American Chestnuts species in Middletown parks.

Adopt A Native Plant Program
Visit our native plant garden in front of the Nature Center. Learn about native plants, the way they benefit wildlife and water conservation. To read more about adopting a section, download: Native Plants, and the  map.
Download information about the invasive plant project at
Poricy Park.